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Monday, 12 September 2011

My Favourite 5 J-Drama :-p

1. Great Teacher Onizuka


The Drama Series Is Based On The Manga And Anime Of The Same Name, Both Created By Fujisawa Tohru. The Story Is Sequel Of Lesser Known Series Shounan Jun'ai-gumi (Shounan Love Gang) Where Onizuka Eikichi's Rouge High School Days Are Depicted

Sorimachi Takashi Plays Onizuka Eikichi A Graduate Of A Third-Rate University And The Leader Of A Motorcycle Gang, Whose Lifelong Dream Is To Become A Teacher. After Being Hired By A Seemingly Eccentric Director, Onizuka Begins His Unconventional Way Of Teaching A Hopeless Group Of Troublemakers. Although He Meets Much Opposition From The Student And Teachers Themselves, His Passion For Teaching, And More Importantly, His Students, Eventually Convinces Everyone That Onizuka Truly Has The Makings Of A Great Teacher.

2. Nodame Cantabile


Based On The Hit Comic Book By Tomoko Ninomiya, This Is A Fun-Filled Quirky Romantic Story Of Two Very Opposite People

Megumi Noda, Or 'Nodame' Is A Piano Student At Momogaoka College Of Music. An Extremely Talented Pianist Who Wants To Be A Kindergarten Teacher, She Prefers Playing By Ear Rather Than Reading The Music Score. She Is Messy And Disorganized, Takes Baths Several Days Apart And Loves To Eat, Sometimes Stealing Her Friend Lunchbox When It Is Filled With Delicacies.

Shinichi Chiaki, Is Momogaoka's Top Student. Born Into A Musical Family, He Is Talented In Piano And Violin And Has Secret Ambitions To Become A Conductor. An Arrogant Multi-Lingual Perfectionist Who Once Lived Abroad In The Music Capitals Of The World As A Young Boy, He Feels Mired In Japan Because Of A Childhood Phobia.

They Meet By Accident. Nodame Quickly Falls In Love, But It Takes Much Longer For Chiaki To Even Begin To Appreciate Nodame's Unusual Qualities. Their Relationship Causes The Both To Develop And Grow. Because Of Nodame, Chiaki Got The Opportunity To Lead A Student Orchestra And Begins To Have A Broader Appreciation Of People Musical Abilities. Because Of Chiaki, Nodame Faces Her Fears And Enter A Piano Competition. Opportunities Open Up As Both Begin Taking Risks, Stretching Themselves Far More Than They Ever Thought Possible.

3. Engine


Jiro Kanzaki (Takuya Kimura) Is An F3000 Test Driver Blessed With Acute Sensitivity And Breathtaking Driving Techniques. He's Daredevil Who Feels No Fear Driving At Speeds That Even Top Racers Dare Not Attempt. But Unexpected Trouble Forces This World Famous Racer To Leave His Team And Return To Japan For The First Time In Years. Until He Finds A New Job As A Racer, Jiro Decides To Stay With His Parents. What Awaits Jiro There Is His Hardheaded Father, His Nagging Sister, The 12 Children Of The Foster Home His Father Runs, A Snobbish Male Nurse, And A Stubborn Female Nurse Who Likes To Daydream About Her Life.

Jiro's Return Home Brings A Breath Of Fresh Air That Inluences The People Around Him. However, He Is Still Unaware That He Too Will Eventually Be Influenced To Change The Way He Thinks And Lives.

4. Hero


Kohei Kuryu Is A Former Juvenile Delinquent Who Drops Out Of Junir High And Goes On To Earn A High School Equivalency Diploma. After Passing The Law Board Exams, Kuryu Becomes A Prosecutor. Not Your Typical Prosecutor, Which Is Quickly Seen Through The Clothes That He Wears, Kuryu Possesses Quick Instincts And A Kind Of Cleverness That Only Someone Raised On The Streets Could Have.

Maiko Amamiya Is Shrewd Public Prosecutor Who Has Her Eyes Set On Passing The Exam To Become A Deputy Prosecutor And Tries Her Best To Be Noticed By Her Boss. Kuryu, On The Other Hand, After Earning A Reputation For Doing Top-Notch Work, Is Transferred To Amamiya's Division, And Finally Opens His Eyes To The Possibility Of Promotion. Unfortunately, His Unprecedented Work Behavior Abruptly Brings Things To A Halt.

Although Earning A Reputation As A Bad Apple, The Influence From Kury's Strong Pursuit Of Justice Slowly Begins To Change Things Around Him. This Drama Is Filled With It All, Love, Loaughs And Lots Of Emotion.

5. Beach Boy


The Story Begins At 'Diamondhead', Which Is A resort For Tourist Right By The Ocean. Izumi Makoto (Hirosue Ryoko) Is In Her Second Year As A Senior High School Student, And Lives With Her Grandfather, Izumi Masaru (Mike Maki).

Suzuki Kaito (Takenouchi Yutaka) Is A Frustrated Salaryman In Tokyo, Who Is Tired Of His Hectic Job. When His Project Gets Rejected At Work One Day, He Decides To Take A long Trip Away From Tokyo, And Get Away From All The Stress. He Wanted To Go Somewhere Far, Where He Could Totally Forget About Everything. He Took The Train, Heading Towards The Sea.

Sakurai Hiromi (Sorimachi Takashi) Has No Job What So Ever And Just Wanted To Take A Trip Somewhere. Since He Was Fond Of The Ocean And Swimming, He Was Heading In The Same Direction As Kaito. But Hiromi's Car Broke Down And He Had To Push The Car By Himself. Kaito Noticed Hiromi From The Train, And Got Aff At The Station To Help Push The Car. Kaito Has A Calm Composure, Is Very Polite, And Quiet. On The Other Hand, Hiromi Was Very Hyper, No Manners, And Carefree.

That Afternoon, The Two Made Their Way To Diamondhead. But Since The Road Went Downhill, The Car Started Moving On Its Own And The Two Ended Up Falling In The Ocean. Hiromi Thought It Was Fun, But Kaito Was Upset. Hiromi Came To Diamondhead In Oder To Work, Since He Had No Job And Was Thrown Out By His Girlfriend. On The Other Hand, Kaito Just Came As A Guest.

While Trying To Explain That He Was Only A Guest, Kaito Found Out That His Wallet Was Missing. He Thought That He Had Probably It In The Ocean. So It Turns Out That Kaito And Hiromi Had To Stay In The Same Room Together. But Even Though The Two Had Totally Different Characters, Makoto Thought That They Were A Good Combination.

After Having A Drink At The Bar, Nagisa, Where Haruko Worked At, Hiromi Found Out That Some Youngsters Who Were Also Staying At Diamondhead, Had Found The Wallet In The Ocean And Were Attempting To Spend The Money. Hiromi Managed To Get The Wallet Back, And Returned It To Kaito. The Day Before, Kaito Called His Girlfriend Sakura In Tokyo, To Send Him Some Money Since He Had Lost His Wallet. Therefore, He Was Able To Move To The Guest Room. Kaito Thought This Was A Way To Get Away From Hiromi, But Hiromi, Nevertheless, Would Still Bother Kaito.

One Day, Masaru Gets A Letter From Makoto's Mother, Keiko. Keiko Wanted Makoto to Live With Her In Tokyo. It Was A Hard Decision For Masaru To Make, Since Makoto Loved diamonhead, But He Thought That This Was The Best Thing To Do. This Also Meant That He Had To Shut Down Diamondhead. So After Making This Decision, He Had To Throw Out Kaito And Hiromi. So Kaito Reluctantly Goes Back To Tokyo For A While, And Hiromi Just Hung Around The Area, Also Fond Of The Place.

After A Few Day Passed, Kaito And Hiromi Both Decided To Go Back To Diamondhead, Because They Were Unable To Forget About It. Kaito Gave His Watch To Sakura Before He Left, Asking Her To Hold Onto It For Him. He Got This Idea From Hiromi, Meaning That He Wasn't Ready To Go Back To Work Yet, And His Vacation Wasn't Over. Makoto Was Very Happy, Since They Were The 'Beach Boys', In Her View.


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